SoulBot Saturday Design Squad

SoulBot Saturday Design Squad!

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This is a S.T.E.A.M. based activity for ages 7-16. Students are exposed to Robotics, Photovoltaics, Wind Power, Architectural engineering, Sustainable Material Repurposing and more. Field trips and consultation with University robotics labs will take place during the course of a learning term.

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The future will start wherever you place it.

This project is a thought experiment designed to shift cultural perceptions and generate a new type of economic development in the Park Heights community of Baltimore. Studies have shown that municipal development is overwhelmingly focused on central locales in cities which results in the type of neglect that is evident in outlying neighborhoods such as Park Heights. More importantly, despite the disproportionate amount of resources, saturated areas yield lower returns on investments. Yet development agencies and institutions continue to rely on conventional strategies when turning their attention towards underserved areas that invariably result in displacement and erasure of communities. The BlkRobot project endeavors to use what we call Cultural Investiture to shift a section of the community into a different mode of creation and sustainability.

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A new type of S.T.E.A.M.

S.T.E.A.M. in the context of the BRP accounts for science, technology, ETHICS, art and mathematics.  As engineering is the application of science and/or technology, we deem it repetitive to represent it as a pillar of our pedagogical approach; being that we are grounding this philosophy in experiential activities, the application of science and technology is implicit.  Moreover there is a profound need for students to be exposed to ETHICS, the principles governing the application of any of these disciplines.  Ethics has been missing from the science and technology sector and its absence has had a deleterious effect on business practices and the general direction of innovation.  The integration of ethics into our STEAM curriculum, via the Virtues Project, permits us to provide a rubric for complimenting the technical and artistic richness that a project of this scale and complexity offers.  Using an established program with an easy to grasp conceptual base aligns the work of the BRP with the needs of the community.  The outcome is technology...for and by the people!