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REDLINES: Baltimore 2028

2028 should be considered required reading, a fascinating literary curio for any Bmore loyalist given to futurist hearsay and dystopian dreams." - Joseph Martin, Baltimore Fishbowl

Jason Harris has gathered some of Baltimore’s most talented writers to tackle the idea of imagining Baltimore in the near future. The result is an amazingly diverse portrait of Charm City, ranging from high speed chases on hover boards, man vs. robot in the workplace, to the emergence of ‘Indigo’ children. The only question is, will there be any crabcakes left? ‘Redlines: Baltimore 2028’ leaves no stone unturned in looking towards the future..


Organizing for Humans: An Activist's Card Game

Organizing for Humans is both a teaching tool and a process that provides structure and equity for the planning aspect in organizing. O4H attempts to alleviate this through the randomization of roles in its planning process. It is designed to be applicable to whatever type of social justice mission you plan to undertake.