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The MotherShip Connection @ Artscape 2016

“The Mother Ship Connection”
 is an outdoors exhibit that is one of the anchor exhibits for ARTSCAPE 2016.

Because this planet isn't enough to house all our parts, welcome home to a multimedia adventure into other worlds, ideas and discreet miracles. In the continuum of the fishmen aliens: the Nommo from the star Sirius B to whom the high priests of the uniquely fabulous Dogon in the hills of Mali credit their civilization, the otherworldly sound travels of jazz revolutionary Sun Ra, and the untouchable and angular stylings of the iconic Grace Jones and more, this installation is an ode to AfroFuturists of the past and a next step into the future.

Mothership will transport visitors within a life-sized selfie of time when the modern contraption trajectory of dystopia has been abandoned and people have returned to self and nature for ultimate liberation and the aliens are once again returning to assist. This cornucopia of physical and performance art uses light, pyramids, sculpture, fabric and imagination for an interactive experience for Artscape visitors.    

Directed by:  Olu "Butterfly" Woods,  Jason Harris and Stephanie "Safiyatou" Edwards.