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This provides a sampling of my design work.  A link to my CV is at the bottom of the page.

Independent Media projects


A GAME FOR OUR TIMES: Organizing for Humans is both a teaching tool and a process that provides structure and equity for the planning aspect in organizing. Those of you who have participated in movements or groups can attest to the fact that no matter how anti-establishment or revolutionary a group may aim to be, it is still subject to the acculturation of those who participate in it. This means race, gender, religion, orientation, language, educational background and class can all act as strictures that undermine the organizing process with hierarchical behavior by participants. O4H attempts to alleviate this through the randomization of roles in its planning process. While this is set up as a “game” and can be fun, we stress that this is a tool so that we can cogently format plans to make this world a better place. It is designed to be applicable to whatever type of social justice mission you plan to undertake.   

The symbols on the back of the O4H cards are an Adinkra Symbols. These symbols are from Ghana West Africa and were originally used for funeral rites, but have evolved to be cultural signifiers of values and principles. The two represented here are indicative of what we hope Organizing 4 Humans inspires: this particular one on the left is called “Wo Nsa Da Mu A”, which represents hands sharing a dish which can be interpreted as democracy and pluralism. The Adinkra on the right is is called “mmere dane”, which represents changes or life's dynamics.


Black Books Live! seeks to address the dearth of audio material available from Black Authors. Hosts Jason Harris and Cher Jey read excerpts from various Black author's classic works. Links to the print and audio copies of the featured author are included with each episode.  You can click on the image above to visit the podcast page.  Black Books Live! is also available through iTunes.


Community Media Clients

Short film work for Western High School in Baltimore, Maryland.

 Website, logo and packaging redesign for Sweet n Dried Enterprises in Chuka, Kenya.

Website, logo and packaging redesign for Sweet n Dried Enterprises in Chuka, Kenya.

Website and crowdfunding video that I designed and implemented for Joystar Studios, a Baltimore based music education project.

Short film I shot and edited as a preview for my wife's sculpture exhibit. 

Community Archivist Projects - The Living Well

Here are some videos that I shot and edited for Living Well events:

Flyer conceived and executed for an Afro-Cuban class that I host at the Living Well.

Poster shot and designed for The Living Well.