Project Archive

This provides a sampling of my design work.  A link to my CV is at the bottom of the page.

Independent Media projects

Black Books Live! seeks to address the dearth of audio material available from Black Authors. Hosts Jason Harris and Cher Jey read excerpts from various Black author's classic works. Links to the print and audio copies of the featured author are included with each episode.  You can click on the image above to visit the podcast page.  Black Books Live! is also available through iTunes.


Community Media Clients

Website and crowdfunding video that I designed and implemented for Joystar Studios, a Baltimore based music education project.

Short film I shot and edited as a preview for my wife's sculpture exhibit. 

Community Archivist Projects - The Living Well

Here are some videos that I shot and edited for Living Well events:

Flyer conceived and executed for an Afro-Cuban class that I host at the Living Well.

Recent poster shot and designed for The Living Well.